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A Day in the Cafeteria, Part Two

My Soundslides piece on the cafeteria at Dishman-McGinnis Elementary School is now up on Farm to Fork.  Please take a look!

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A Day in the Cafeteria

I had a great time last week spending most of my day in the cafeteria and kitchen at Dishman-McGinnis elementary school in Bowling Green gathering photos and audio for a day in the life of a school cafeteria piece I’ll be putting together for my Special Projects Reporting Class. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

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A Vietnamese Dinner

I shot a story for the Talisman tonight about international students cooking and eating their traditional foods.  Holly and Kim, both graduate students from Vietnam, let me tag along as they went to Wal Mart and then take pictures while they cooked their meal, and even shared some of their meal- which was pretty tasty!  The two friends cook a Vietnamese meal in their dorm kitchen almost every day.  All in all, this was a fun assignment!

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Afternoon on the Farm

Here are some photographs from a trip to O’Daniel’s farm just outside of Bowling Green from a class trip with my Farm to Fork Honors Special Projects Reporting class last Friday.  Almost all of what’s produced on the farm is produced organically.  Look for a link to a Soundslides audio slideshow I made for our class website later this week.

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Here’s some pictures of two little boys playing with toy guns at the Lone Star Rodeo at the Ag Farm today.  I’d never been to a rodeo before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was quite a culture shock.

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Here are some photos from the first “big” snow on campus at the end of January.

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Here’s some of my favorite stuff from a few different basketball games so far this season.

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